Research. Insight. Action.

Hyphen Market Solutions helps you grow your business and your brand through focused prospecting, customer market development and strategic marketing programs that drive sales. Our approach uses deep customer insight to harness the market potential of your brand, to connect you to more customers and to maximize the return on every marketing dollar you spend.

We study our client’s customers and develop strategies for engaging new customer segments, building revenue with current customers and seeking out new market opportunities for existing products and services.

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To empower organizations with robust information to help them make smart decisions and sustain the growth of their business.

Strategic Approach to Prospecting
Understanding and learning to make meaningful connections with your customers and prospects is about a lot more than simply knowing their zip code or how frequently they make a purchase. Such information is great to have, but alone, it is unlikely to sustain the aggressive growth needed to keep a business healthy.

Relentless targeting is the key to business development. Our proven approach to prospecting allows you to spend your time, energy and resources focused on the right prospects: those most likely to buy what you are selling. Not only can our methods help shorten the sales cycle, they can also help streamline your sales process and create resource efficiencies – which means more profit and less waste.

Maximize Customer Market Potential
If you have already determined where you customer sweet spot is, you are ahead of many business owners. But do you know how much customer potential really exists? How many more customers like the ones you have now are currently in the marketplace and likely to buy your products with the right marketing message?

A keen understanding of this distinction sets Hyphen apart from traditional marketing and business consulting firms.

We use proven qualitative research methods to identify unique customer drivers and motivations that help you better sell and market your services and products to current customers and prospects.

Powerful Marketing Programs
Marketing is about more than pretty colors and clever slogans.

Once you understand which market segments have the best opportunity for development and the motivators of those audience s are clearly understood, the only thing standing in the way of your company and accelerated growth is a plan.

Hyphen will highlight prospect growth opportunities and will create comprehensive marketing programs and channels to build market share in an efficient manner that works with your budget.
We create a customized plan for your business to maximize your marketing investment and capitalize on the resources at hand, with our track record of success in developing strategic marketing plans that drive sales, build awareness and create results.