The Hyphen Marketing Method: Research. Insight. Action

After a decade in various aspects of marketing, we’ve refined a tried and true approach to strategic marketing that is proven to build market share and momentum for your brand.


Acquiring, interpreting and implementing data is critical to the health of your brand, especially when it comes to understanding your customers. Any marketing program that is not designed with your customer at the heart will never reach its full potential. Learn more about our Research process.


Our process highlights prospect growth opportunities for customer segments similar to the ones already using your services. Segmentation development often reveals opportunity for new audience growth beyond your company’s current customer base. Our new audience analysis tools help create a clear picture of where opportunities exist for attracting new types of customers.


We create comprehensive marketing programs and recommend channels to build market share in a way that maximizes your return on investment, makes efficient use of your resources and works with your budget. We establish short term Action Steps and long term plans to help move the needle for your business or organization.